Keep Your Separation as Peaceful as Possible

It helps to have a knowledgeable divorce attorney in the Clayton, Apex & Raleigh, NC area

When family matters and legal matters intersect, things can get stressful and complicated. That's when you need a separation or divorce attorney you can depend on. You'll feel confident about your situation when you work with the Law Offices of Raushanah F Rodgers, PLLC in Clayton, Apex & Raleigh, NC.

Attorney Rodgers has even handled domestic violence cases. She is compassionate and understanding of her clients' situations. That's why she does everything she can to protect and defend her clients through protective orders and representation in court.

If you need a divorce and child support attorney or a caring domestic violence attorney, you can count on attorney Rodgers. Consult her on your case in Clayton, Apex & Raleigh, NC today.