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Q: Do I have to appear in court for the crime I am charged with?

A: Maybe not! Here's a WAIVER OF APPEARANCE, which if authorized, may help us to handle your case in your absence.

Q: I was recently charged with a crime, what should I do?

A: You should start by exercising your right to remain silent. Do not speak to anyone about your charge or any facts associated with it. Call our offices so that we may assist you with resolving your matter in the best possible way.

Q: I was charged with a crime, how much time will I get if I am convicted?

A: Our state has statutes that set out sentencing guidelines for misdemeanor and felony crimes. The time you face when convicted will depend on your sentencing level (your past criminal conviction history) and the class of crime you are convicted of.

Q: I was charged with a DWI, what should I do next?

A: Do not drive until you receive your drivers license back after the 30 day civil revocation or our offices secure a limited driving privilege for you. Read each of these documents, DWI Sentencing Levels, Frequently Asked DWI Questions, Durham DWI Substance Abuse Assessment Providers, Providers for Wake. Next, call our office with your specific questions. After we advise you, then you can determine how best to prepare for your upcoming court date.

Q: I keep getting charged or convicted of "Driving While License Revoked" / DWLR, how can I make sure that I don't get charged/convicted again?

A: Getting convicted of a DWLR has both criminal and North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle consequences. Consult us as swiftly as possible so that you will not jeopardize your ability to lawfully operate a vehicle upon the roadway. Continued driving can result in the loss of your driving privilege and you will not be able to get your privileges back unless a NCDMV hearing officer awards it back to you.

In summary, when charged with DWLR, you will be better served by hiring our offices so that we can strategize on how to minimize the DMV effects of a DWLR conviction. Before calling our office, please order your driving record HERE for $10, and fax it to us at 888-788-5629.

Q: What happens if I miss court (fail to appear) on the scheduled court date?

A: You are listed as "call and fail," in other words, the court records your failure to appear. You will likely be accessed a $200 fine and depending on your charge, an order will issue for your arrest. You may be able to avoid the fine and an order for your arrest if you hire our offices to file a motion to strike the "call and fail."

Q: I have a legal issue, can this law office help me?

A: More than likely, our office can assist you with resolving all your legal issues. If we are unable to assist you for one reason or another, we will refer your case to one of our most qualified and reliable legal friends. Give us a call at 919-688-7878.

Q: How can I be prepared for my consultation with the Law Offices?

A: Start by completing an intake form. Custody