She is very caring and after dealing with multiple lawyers and paying $250 consultation fees for nonchalant lawyers I'm thankful to have found her. I wasted money and a lot of time for an issue that was a quick fix. Dealing with the courts is hard and mentally draining but having a lawyer who listens and actually tries their hardest for you is priceless. I highly recommend her. Thank you!


Attorney Rodgers provides Client Centered services. Attorney Rodgers took the time to understand my case and perform high-level due diligence that led to a favorable legal outcome.

Hanif O.

Attorney Rodgers is such a wonderful person. She is a lawyer who know exactly how to talk to the judge and has always came up with the very BEST results in any situation. She has been my attorney for almost 4 years. Thanks to her efforts and long hours spent on my case, I now have so much more time spent with my son. I owe her so much to be able to watch my son grow up and go to school with custody of him. I'm very blessed to have been represented by her. Attorney Rodgers professional response in court was way past the experience of what words can describe. I'm truly thankful to her. Thank you so much ma'am!!!

Michael C.

I obtained Attorney Rodgers on a DPO case and I must say I am very pleased with the out come of the case . Attorney Rodgers is very professional and made me feel very comfortable through out the entire process . She does not play any games in the court room she moves according to the law and fights for her clients she does give up without a fight . Job well done ! I would recommend Attorney Rodgers .

Teritha B.

Atty. Rodgers completely handled a very dated case of mine, that had shown for years non-payment of case costs. She responded to my inquiry within minutes and handle the case completely within 48 hours. She was very professional and the quality of her work was excellent.

Peter B.

My husband and I hired Raushanah to assist with some family court matters. She not only put in 1000%, she was completely successful and we received the results we set out for. She also showed empathy & compassion which made the whole process easier while dealing with such sensitive matters. I recommend Raushanah Rodgers to anyone seeking legal counsel in the large geographical area that she is licensed to practice in!! We can't thank her enough for everything she did for our family!!

Crystal W.

Attorney Rodgers has been wonderful to work with! She made me feel like she genuinely cared and wanted to help with my situation and for that I will always be indebted to her. Thank you so much for all your hard work, time and patience and I look forward to working with you and referring all those in need!

Brittany H.

When I reached out to Raushanah Rodgers I was in distress over a very difficult issue with an aggressive neighbor. She responded so quickly, professionally and kindly to my initial email that I was stunned since it was a Saturday. She carved out a good hour for a very reasonably priced consultation and her counsel was *invaluable*. Without that consultation I would have made major mistakes in how I handled the situation. Following the consultation she checked back in multiple times to make sure I knew she was there if needed. Impressively professional and diplomatic while giving tough advice: I really appreciated that. When hiring a lawyer to navigate the legal system I want to have someone who is bright, forthcoming, clever and kind and Raushanah Rodgers was all of those things. She gave me clear advice on how to proceed with my case. She reviewed my documents, gave some hard-to-hear advice with gentleness and as a result I was able to move forward without confusion. I don't hope to have any legal conundrums in the future, but thankfully I do know who to call if I ever do!

Gretchen Q.

When my son faced a break up, we as grandparents were also in danger of losing visitation with our grandchild. I was referred to attorney Rodgers. She gave him every instructions. Was available during the week for concerns or questions. She never shied away from asking the tough questions or giving us the answers we may have not wanted to face. She exemplified honesty and integrity and is a great reader of people and their actions, through years of experience. Her legal wisdom lead my son to joint custody of his child and removed the fear from visitation. I would recommend attorney Rodgers in any jurisdiction where she is licensed to practice. Thank you for everything you did to get our family back together!!!

Janis M.

Ms .Rogers's work is INCREDIBLE! She's very respectful, highly mannered & she is about her business. While she is doing a job she is also very personable , she shows compassion & she honestly does care about each of her clients , you can see it and feel it ❤️ . Ms. Rogers is never focused on the win of a case only for the client's best interest. I love Ms. Rogers and I would recommend her to any and everybody she gets the the job done ! The work she put in for my family and the outcome was nothing more then amazing . I would recommend Ms Rogers to any and everybody she is not a force to be reckon with !!! Please if you or your family needs legal help in anyway Ms Rogers is the way to go I promise you will not be disappointed. My family and I are over joyed with her services and I would love to give the feeling and hope to another so please if you want the best for yourself or any member in your family please contact Ms. Rogers best the decision of my brother's life was choosing her .

Briana J.

Attorney Rodgers is a diligent and straightforward professional attorney who upholds the law. She is organized and detailed, and will respond to you in a timely manner. She is confident and firm in her stance. I am a professional registered nurse with 11 years of experience. I met a man who I thought was hardworking and trustworthy, and loved me. He was loving on my money, beautiful home, and resources. After nearly 2 years in my relationship I discovered he was a convicted felon with a long history of parenting many kids with different women, and known for swindling money from women. He peddled me out of a lot of money. When I evicted him from my life and home. He retaliated against me. He took out a restraining order and called my job to get me fired. He plotted and set me up with the local police department to have me charged with extortion felony. I never had a criminal record. One of my best friend referred me to Attorney Rodgers from her Facebook account. I immediately called Attorney Rodgers and she scheduled a consultation with me the same day. I met her. I had good vibes about her. I like the way she questioned me and she gave me a list of things to bring her. I hired her immediately. The fees she charged was reasonable compared to other attorney. A significant difference of savings. My nightmare continued. I received a call from a police detective stating that a warrant was issued for my arrest. I was afraid and nervous. The detective stated my ex submitted statements that I was extorting money from him, but he was the one exploited money from me. I was charged with extortion felon without a proper investigation. I was overwhelmed and devastated. Attorney Rodgers was more than a angel and a saint. She was God-sent. She didn't waste any time she was on it. She even met me at the police station to provide me with comfort as I turned myself in. I never was arrested or convicted of a crime. I still couldn't make light of it. Attorney Rodgers assertively defended me. I was awarded the money that I desired. Using her expertise, she had the restraining order dropped and she is still fighting for me on the extortion charge. God is moving in my direction. Attorney Rodgers is the person for the job. With her extensive and expertise background and God's favor she will help to bring you out VICTORIOUSLY!!! I am still working at my current job. She is definitely part of Gods plan for me to prosper. She is now my family attorney. I would refer everyone I meet to her. Attorney Rodgers is the go get it and go to attorney. Thank you so much Attorney Rodgers. Stay Blessed.


My husband and I retained Attorney Rodgers for a child custody case. She never ceases to amaze me in how she maneuvers through the courts! She is a bulldog in the court room and really fights for her clients. She was always available to help with anything we needed, she answered all questions we had and instructed him on what he needed to do! She is truly a blessing and I don't see us going through the legal issues we have had with anyone else. She truly cares for her clients, she was personal with us and was really rooting for my husband. After a few years of chaos we finally secured a great future for baby girl and Attorney Rodgers played a huge part in that! We are forever grateful for Attorney Rodgers!

Stephanie M.

I don't even know where to start me and my wife hired Attorney Rodgers for a custody modification case in which I was asking for full custody and Attorney Rodgers delivered!!she was punctual,strategic,VERY professional,authentic and straight to the point.She assisted me in every area possible to ensure my child will have a future with loving parents and thanks to her my child does.Hiring Attorney Rodgers was by far one the best things I've done in my life her performance in the court room is truly unmatched.I highly recommend Attorney Rodgers to any and everybody.

J'ron M.

Today on 4/26 I witnessed a flawless victory! My brother was facing a 3yr custody battle and with the help of Raushanah F. Rodgers it was a success! Her presentation, efficiency and accuracy of documentation really sealed the deal! My family and I thank your for your services and bringing us this big WIN!

For anyone who's in need of a FANTASTIC lawyer that's know her stuff! I HIGHLY recommend R.F.Rodgers. If she can bring my family a victory..she can do the same for yours! Thanks again!

Justin M.

Ms. Rodgers has been my go to attorney for years and stuck with me as I navigated things that needed attention. She and her team were communicative and took immediate action to ensure my situation was taken care of. I am pleased and highly recommend the Law Offices of Raushanah Rodgers!

Chris C.

Totally awesome! Always available, ANYTIME- Day or Night! This law firm is very professional! You get your money's worth and more. They go above and beyond!! Satisfaction guaranteed.

William K.

Definitely recommend! Super personable, understanding, and keeps you informed. Will definitely be contacting her first and foremost for any of my future legal needs!!

Clinton D.

Totally awesome! Always available, ANYTIME- Day or Night! This law firm is very professional! You get your money's worth and more. They go above and beyond!! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Tina H.

Ms. Rodgers is my go to for all my business legal needs. She's a reliable, quick, problem solver that shoots straight. She doesn't mind harassing me for what she needs if the case dictates. Hire her with confidence, you'll be satisfied.

Keith B.

Raushanah F Rodgers was a beacon of hope to me at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. In the midst of many unjust accusations, her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to me while she reviewed my case. I am eternally grateful for her service and I hereby recommend Attorney Rodgers without reservation.

Curtis B.

Attorney Rogers understood the impact of my case in ways I hadn't considered. I was provided with direction and support that filed me with confidence. I will be forever grateful for the guidance and professionalism I recieved. Attorney Rogers will always be my attorney.

Joseph G.

Mrs. Rogers have been a blessing to me and my husband. She keeps you posted, she give you her all. Anytime I hear of anyone in need of a lawyer I be quick to give them her information. I will continue to come to her for all my needs.

Tonya C.

She is the absolute best! She handled my case super quickly! The best lawyer I've ever had! I will recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!!


Attorney Rodgers is an excellent attorney and know her stuff. Immediately upon submitting the paperwork for her to review she noticed 5 things off the bat that were unjustly cited against my daughter and informed us of her plan to rectify it. She did a banging job in court and got us the results we wanted. She is very firm and she is about her money. If you are looking for an attorney who will actually work for you and not just show up call her!!

Nathania A.

I was hit with every custody trick by my ex, when I was referred to Attorney Rodgers by another attorney I was broken and scared I'd lose my child . She is a great attorney with a great heart, she's not afraid to tell you what she needs to. She told me what I needed to hear and what I needed to do. Just call her the Liam Neeson of Family Court because your child will not be Taken! She is truly a blessing! Don't risk your family by hiring another attorney, hire Attorney Rodgers!

Natalie A.

Attorney Rodgers has helped us once again! If you are in need of someone to help you right a wrong, call the Law Offices of Raushanah F Rodgers, PLLC! She fights for the "little" guys and give sound advice to lead you in the right direction. If you select her to represent you I have no doubt that she will exceed all expectations.

Kiecoo H.

My family and I have hired Attorney Rodgers several times to resolve matters on our behalf. Each time, we were pleased with her exceptional customer service. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and kind. She is easy to communicate with and will go above and beyond to assure your matter is resolved. Anytime we need help to resolve a legal matter, we contact Attorney Rodgers without hesitation.

Restoration Living Center, LLC

Attorney Rodgers is a professional who exudes genuine concern and who handles your concerns promptly and with timely communication! Her fees are fair and her responsiveness is priceless! I will be referring her to anyone I know needing representation.

M Am

I hired Attorney Rodgers to resolve an issue related to my construction company. She handled the matter in a very professional and efficient way given the fact that time was of the essence with positive results. I will definitely reach out to her in the future and will recommend her to my business associates. Keep up the good work!

Munir B.

Where to begin? Atty Rodgers is a knowledgeable and viable resource, who brings several years of experience into her practice, execution, and delivery of law. I was in a place of varied emotions and Atty Rodgers took her time to understand my needs, concerns, and personal interests. Above all, she never lost sight of me being a human, first. I think that is extremely important. Some attorneys will back you feel like "number," she never made me feel that way. I was pleased with her work and the outcome of my case. I highly recommend Atty Rodgers and will forever be my "go to" attorney for all things Family Law.

J. Garnett

I contacted Attorney Rodgers for a consultation with an out of state matter. She went above and beyond by extending her time and resources in searching for an attorney in a state she is not licensed to practice law. She researched various attorneys before sending a short list of qualified candidates. Attorney Rodgers went a step further by contacting one of the candidates and providing a synopsis of the issue. THANK YOU Attorney Rodgers!

Marquetta A.

Mrs.Rodgers is definitely someone you want on your side! She's a straight shooter. She will give you the good, the bad and the ugly. But will go above and beyond for her clients. In my particular case she was fighting for both mine and my child's best interest. Before court, I was given homework. She told me exactly what I needed to do to prepare for court. Because of Mrs.Rodgers, I showed up to court prepared and with the necessary documentation needed to win my case!!! I am so thankful to Mrs.Rodgers! She's the best hands down!
I recommend her to any and everybody who wants a lawyer that is "for the people"!!

Johnny G.

Attorney Rodgers is such a wonderful person. She is a lawyer who know exactly how to talk to the judge and has always came up with the very BEST results in any situation. She has been my attorney for almost 4 years. Thanks to her efforts and long hours spent on my case, I now have so much more time spent with my son. I owe her so much to be able to watch my son grow up and go to school with custody of him. I'm very blessed to have been represented by her. Attorney Rodgers professional response in court was way past the experience of what words can describe. I'm truly thankful to her. Thank you so much ma'am!!!

Michael C.